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Kie Farms Ltd., St. Mary's, ON


Kie Farms Ltd. Barn Features

Size 107′ x 320′ DLS Structure for Milking Cows
1/12 Roof Pitch
Black UV Protected Polycarbonate Wall Panels
Size 97′ x 120′ DLS Structure for Parlour Building and 51′ x 164′ Holding Area
4/12 Roof Pitch
Ridge Light in barn and holding area
Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panel in Parlour Building & Wall in Holding Area
Tunnel Ventilated with ACME DXP 60″ Composite Fans
GEA D-20 Parallel Milking Parlour with basement subway
Biolynk Parlour Flush System
GEA Piston Pump and GEA/JOZ Manure Scraper System
Jourdain Headlocks & Stabling

Barn Talk

Manure Management

May 29, 2015

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